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WordPress Rescue

Your site has gone wonky - but we can help!

You’ve got a WordPress website, and something’s gone wrong – maybe suddenly, maybe a gradual accumulation of error messages or broken functionality.

Someone built it for you awhile ago and then disappeared, and then your neighbor’s kid tried to help you update it, or that person you were dating, and now…nothing works right.

Every time you look at your website, you wince.

You might have the chops to sort it yourself, but you don’t have the time. (Or the sanity points – we all know how short the supply runs on those right now.)

Or maybe just the thought of logging in to WordPress makes you break out in flop sweat and realize you need to floss the cat, right now.

Either way – we can help!

We’ll put the hood up and see what’s leaking or blowing black smoke, and if it’s a quick fix (which many times it is) we’ll fix it right then and there.

Diagnosis and quick fix – up to 30 minutes of work – is $75. If it’s all sorted in that time, yay! If it’s not fixable that easily, we’ll report back to you on what it needs and how long we think that will take. You can opt to proceed or not – totally up to you.

Beyond that, it’s $35 per 15 minutes until we get it all humming instead of crunching. We only bill you for the time it actually takes.

Important Notes:
We’re not emergency technicians. We work 8-ish-to-6-ish in Pacific/Mountain time zones, mostly Mon-Fri and sometimes on Saturdays. We’ll respond as quickly as we genuinely can in those times, but we’re not a Batphone-equipped shop, so if you have a dire website emergency and want 24/7 service, we’re not your huckleberries.
This offer is for fixing technical failures or errors on an existing WordPress website to get it as functional 1) as you need it to be and/or 2) as possible, given the many variables of WordPress themes, hosting packages, etc. THIS IS NOT FOR BUILDING A NEW WORDPRESS SITE OR FOR SUBSTANTIAL REDESIGN/REMODEL OF AN EXISTING SITE. We do those things, but that’s a separate conversation and quote!
– It’s rare, but some things aren’t fixable. We hate that too, but we need you to know that we can’t fix everything. If we can’t, or are afraid we can’t, we’ll tell you honestly, and give you the best suggestions we have for your range of options from there.
These projects are scoped and conducted almost-entirely by email, and will require responses from you to proceed. We need you to be able to describe the problem(s) as best you can in writing, and respond promptly when we need information from you in order to take the next step. We can do a call if there’s simply no other option but it’s only for emergencies, and it will have to be scheduled, which can take a few days.

If all that is fine with you, and this is the kind of help you’ve been needing and didn’t know where to find, fill out this very attractive form and send us a smoke signal! We’ll get the rescue mission underway pronto!

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