Work Like You

Who We Are

Hey! My name is Karen Hawkwood, also known as KJ Sassypants. I’m a Master Certified Coach and an archetypal astrologer, and I seem to have a knack for “seeing underneath” to what’s really at the heart of people. I also love seeing how to weave together apparent contradictions into a vibrant and fascinating whole, whether that’s inside you or in your business.

It sounds a bit cliche these days, but the world really does need whatever it is you do. Being able to support you in doing that, both technically and internally, is one of my favorite things in the world.

I talk to our clients to see what they truly need, and I do that “weaving together apparent opposites” thing before handing them off to Malyn to make all that come to life. When I’m not busy helping people to help people and all that, I study how people work (yes, recreationally, I know it’s a bad sign), color, garden, and play with my dogs.

Hi! I’m Malyn Long Lopes. I’m the one who builds the sites and sets up the tech tools, and I love grappling with new challenges and flinging myself into new adventures. In me, you’ll find a creative and curious thinker, a relentless and devoted support, and a tenacious problem-solver.

Put simply, I take your needs and find the most solid, straightforward way to make them happen, so you can move forward with confidence into the work you’ve been called to do. It’s what I love, and it’s always an honor to be the one to bring a client’s vision to life. And, once that’s done and you’re on your way, I’m always here if you run into difficulty with your tech tools or have an update for one or more of them that you would just rather not do.

When I’m not finding ways to make websites and schedulers do what our clients need them to, I’m probably hiking, writing novels, gardening, making furniture or bread or soap or a smattering of other things (I may have a “problem” with picking up new hobbies…), gaming with my husband, or snuggling our cats.