Work Like You

Past Projects

Jacqueline Gates

Jacqueline Gates, Completed July 2021. Visit at

MiamiJenny Mind-Body Coaching

MiamiJenny Mind-Body Coaching, Completed April 2021. Visit at

Megan Eggers Zubaedi

Megan Eggers Zubaedi, Completed December 2020. Visit at

Haus of Sevens

Haus of Sevens, Completed December 2020. Visit at

Judy Schiller

Judy Schiller, Completed October 2020. Visit at

Janet Kübler Coaching

Janet Kübler Coaching, Completed July 2020. Visit at

Lynne Webb

Lynne Webb, Completed November 2019. Visit at

Paw Print Studio

Paw Print Studio, Completed August 2019. Visit at

Robyn Spurr

Robyn Spurr, Completed January 2019. Visit at

Endless Stories

Endless Stories, Completed February 2018. Visit at

Kelli Campbell Coaching

Kelli Campbell Coaching, Completed April 2016. Visit at

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