The Moped Principle

Or: use only what you truly need to get the job done. The most common way I see people get sideways in their businesses is by trying to 1) project the future based on the present and 2) locking in a big commitment based on that projection. Being 6 months into your coaching business and […]


Really. I know “they” all say you do. It’s logical, there’s a lot of “conventional marketing wisdom” behind it, and frankly in the stew of confusion and self-doubt that characterizes the “WTF Phase” of business-building, it can be really comforting to have something that feels so solid. “I work with executive men between the ages […]

Regrouping – the Essence of Square Three

It’s Monday. You’re full of good intentions. (You know where this is going, right?) This week you’re going to write a blog post, reach out to three new prospects, write the outline of your new program, and attend a local networking event. Tuesday morning, your kid gets sent home from school for projectile vomiting. Your […]

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Here at Work Like You, we help people get their service businesses online. We also do our best to help those businesses look, feel, and work like the person creating them, which we’ve found to be an essential quality of a successful business! We do that partly by testing you like a lab rat. Well, […]